Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Final Reflection

I have certainly learned quite a bit in the semester I've had of Life Drawing. I look at my drawings from the first day of class and compare them to the ones that I am making now and I am quite happy with the progression they have made. When I started the first day of class I never thought I would understand how important knowing the inside of the body would be in being able to render the outside of it, but I will never go back to attempting to draw the body without starting from the inside out. Even when starting a long pose drawing, beginning from the inside out is so incredibly helpful in figuring out the correct proportions and where everything needs to go.

I feel like this class has not only allowed me to draw the human figure better, but it has helped me gain confidence in my drawing style. I tend to draw very graphically and it works in most drawings but I wasn’t sure how it would work and I would cope with drawing the human figure. I was definitely happy with they style of how my figure drawings turned out and it has made me want to pursue drawing the figure even more. The only thing I need to work on with my style is getting over my grudge against erasers. I don’t know why but I have always had this thing in the back of my head that tells me I draw better when I do not rely on an eraser to fix all my mistakes so I just avoid using them. I see though, with many of my drawings looking back through this semester that an eraser quite possibly would’ve been helpful in a few spots.

I believe this class will help me out with my future in art. I have learned so much about my own drawing style and techniques in how to become a better artist in this class. The only main thing I regret is that I wish I had taken this class during a time where there weren’t so many things going on in my life that negatively affected my classes and I feel like if that were the case I could’ve gotten way more out of it.


Final Drawings:

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