Saturday, March 5, 2011

Midterm - Catch Up

This class has been one of the most beneficial classes in the advancement of my drawing skills.  out of any class I've taken I feel I can really see the progress and improvements the most in this Life Drawing class.  The techniques I've learned have really enhanced my abilities and the quality of drawings I'm making continues to keep getting better as the class goes on.  I never used to fully understand the point of a 30 second drawing, however I now see how much it helps the drawing process.  It's like warming up before a track meet, it gets your whole body prepared for the challenge ahead.  Even though I fully appreciate and understand how important quick sketches are, I really enjoy the longer poses (especially 30 minute or longer) the most.  I really enjoy when I can finally add detail and give more attention to the life of the person in my drawing.  When you're drawing the figure quickly you get the movement and motion of the person, but you aren't really able to capture the personality of the person.  The personality in a drawing is what, I believe, makes a figure drawing most exciting to look at.

I am eagerly awaiting the rest of the semester, especially near the end when we get to the point that we have discussed the entire body and I will have a better understanding of it.  I see my drawings only getting better and I'm excited to see how my final drawings will look because I know they will be even better than the ones I am creating now.  The manikens, though quite a challenge for me, have really helped in my understanding of the human body and I look forward to when my maniken is completed with every muscle and I can look at it as a sort of trophy for completing this fascinating and valuable course.


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